A website and how to make it your best salesperson

Very often when we go to a website, they have amazing and cool slogans like: “Your trust, our responsibility” – “We take your company further”, etc. This is all nice and swanky, but what rarely or never comes up is what they are going to do for us, and how they will solve our problem?

The time of flashy moving websites with spinning text and jumping images are over. That worked amazingly when simply having a website was something new and fresh. In 2019, having a website alone is not enough. Its how the website conveys your company and services that matter. And more than that. How easily available is that information.


Lets use Geekr as an example:

We are sinners ourself, by having “tiny agency, big ideas” as the first thing you see on our website. That’s a statement meaning absolutely nothing for potential customers visiting our website. A significant difference between us and a lot of other companies is that if you scroll a bit down on our website, we tell you, in short, who we are and what we do. We provide our main services and also our prices on the front page. No clicks needed to find the key information. It takes seconds to find out if we can help you.


Why you need to keep it short and concise

How people use the internet has evolved in recent years. Peoples “online habits” are changing and your customers are demanding more specific and better content. They don’t have time to browse around on your website in hopes of finding what they are looking for. They want to know how you can help them and they want to know that now.

For example, think of it next time you meet a new person. We don’t like to say this out loud, but you often get a very good sense of like or not like a person within the first 5-10 seconds of meeting them. This first impression can obviously be turned around after getting to know them, but more often than not, you are stuck with that first impression. So when we give people 5-10 seconds, how much time to we give a website. Definitely not more.

Make sure that your customers get your key services served within the first 10 seconds visiting your site. Website visitors won’t make an effort to read your entire site’s content before making a quick assessment about staying, so keep things concise.


How a website can be your best salesperson

Unfortunately, your sales staff sleeps, eats, go on holidays and spends a bit of time around the water cooler. A website won’t. It’s live 24/7, shows off your company at its best side and generates sales while people are occupied otherwise. A website doesn’t have a bad day or need to be home with a sick child. It’s just there. Few feelings beat waking up to 2 emails from new clients interested in our service.

So why don’t companies focus more on this? The short answer is they are. So if you are not, its about time. Falling behind online can show itself to be a very costly mistake over the next few years.

Link: Don’t have a website yet? See what we can offer? 


What about pictures and design?

Images and design are important. The user experience needs to be good and the images need to add some information or a “feeling” to your website. No one can make a beautiful website with bad images. But, images and design is just a small part of it. What you tell them with words are way more important. We are shallow people, but we still prefer good content over flashy looks.


So how short and precise should a website be?

Now comes the hard part. The initial information you give the customer on the front page needs to be short and precise. The front page of your website should be a short and condensed summary of your main services or products. You don’t have a lot of time to get them interested. If you get the customer to interact on the site and click on one of your services, this is the time you have to shine. You already have the customer interested. Now you need to show them that this is your expertise and they will love to read about what you offer. Now more is more. Have a good description of what you offer, show them case studies, testimonials, and sub-services. Don’t slump on info here. And make sure there is an easy way to contact you straight from this site.


The difference between a front page and a landing page

A landing page is a bit different. That page is made specifically for one service or product. The goal of a landing page is to showcase that service and that product. The goal of a front page is to showcase the company in general and your main services/products. A landing page will be made for specific searches or ads. So people searching for example for “Web design agency Gibraltar” will come to our page that has information about Web design and only that. We will link to other service but just as links. The content on this page will be all about web design.

We offer expertise within design, content and UI. Always take all the above seriously when making a web site. Do you want to have a go at making a website yourself we recommend WordPress as a CMS. Get yourself a domain and go for the famous 5-minute WordPress install. That will give you all the functionality you need to make a great website. Be patient, use google and ask people.


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